Kate Garraway Print Dress Daybreak

Where was Kate Garraway’s print dress from on daybreak, 16 April 2014?     Kate looked gorgeous in a Damsel in a Dress, “Floris Dress, Blue Print”, available from John Lewis. Priced at £99.00, this stunning dress is crafted from … Continued

Jenni Falconer Black Sheer Top This Morning

Where was Jenni Falconer’s black sheer top from on This Morning, 16 April 2014?     Jenni’s “Top with Combined Bustier and Dotted Swiss Panel” is from The Kooples. Priced at £155.00, this top is also available in white.   … Continued

Louisa James Pink Dress Daybreak

Where was Louisa James’ pink dress from on Daybreak, 16 April 2014?     Louisa looked stunning in a gorgeous dress from F&F (Tesco’s range of clothing). Priced at £28.00, this “Limited Edition Magic Support Crepe Shoulder Pad Dress” is … Continued

Laura Tobin Tweed Jacket Daybreak

Where was Laura Tobin’s tweed jacket on Daybreak, 16 April 2014? Laura looked lovely in a gorgeous tweed jacket from Joules. This wool-rich field jacket is cut for a boxy fit and gives a smart yet practical look. Priced at … Continued

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